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So. . . people would rather eat something that was made from cow udder secretions. . . because HUMAN-made milk is "creepy?"

Of course, the idea of having hundreds of women lined up in a milk factory sounds like some post-apocalyptic nightmare, but we aren't really talking about that.

Bovine milk contains proteins that humans simply cannot digest, hence the growth of Lactaid. It is best used for baby cows. Human milk, on the other hand, is a fantastic source of nutrition and tastes great to boot.

So, I say bon app├ętit!
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Ummm. . . is there an actual REASON for calculating Pi to 2.7 trillion digits? Or are we just looking for something to do with our shiny new supercomputers?
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Using an OPEN Wi-Fi network is NOT stealing. Hacking into a SECURED Wi-Fi network IS stealing.

By BROADCASTING an OPEN Wi-Fi signal, you are effectively inviting everyone within it's effective range to connect.
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It's a combination of pop culture and bad parenting. It's now become "okay" to be rude an obnoxious. Additionally, since we now have cameras and microphones virtually everywhere, things like this get reported more often.
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