Are We Seeing the General Collapse of Civility?

Joe Wilson, Kanye West, and Serena Williams - what do these three have in common? Well, unless you've been living in a cave, you probably know that they all got in hot water over their recent outbursts.

But are these incidents anomalies or are they part of a trend of rising rudeness and the general collapse of civility? Robin Abcarian of the Los Angeles Times wrote:

In the wake of these high-profile outbursts across disciplines -- politics, entertainment and sports -- many Americans have found themselves asking what is going on. To some, it's not a coincidence but rather the manifestation of a deepening social dysfunction. [...]

Some say it reflects a general collapse of manners, rooted in the anti-authoritarian strains of the late 1960s. Some offer a psychological explanation: that such outbursts reveal the person beneath the mask of a public persona. Some see an element of racial animus at work.

Link (Photo: Jason DeCrow/AP)

On one hand, the Interweb helped people voice their opinions over a wide range of matters very easily. On the other hand, those opinions are often boorish. Comments on blogs, including Neatorama, often degenerate into name-callings. And let's not even talk about YouTube's comments - suffice it to say that friends don't let friends comment on YouTube.

Does this tendency of rudeness on the Net spill over to real life (especially for young people) or is it the other way around? Why are people becoming ruder? What do you think?

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This isn't just on TV...notice on the way home from work how many times you get cut off by someone, how quickly others honk their horn when the person in front of them doesn't move fast enough. How the person behind you nearly rear ends you (or does rear end you,) because they are not paying enough attention to driving. All of this is caused by lack of caring for the people around you. I open doors for others all the time and say please and thank you. What I get is folks who won't look up when you are letting them in by opening the door and a huff and walk away when I ask my wauter for some extra napkins with dinner. You are not entitled to do everything you want to. What I remember (and miss) is the COURTESY that used to be more commonplace. As a whole, we have a lot of younger people with very little practice in being courteous to those they may not know. It's easy to be nice to your friends...can you be nice to everyone? Or at least try?
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Civility? No not a decline or "collapse", just a lack of manners, being spoiled and wanting even more attention than he (Kanye) already has/wants... Just Ridiculous! Plain Rude!
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I really like that Freud quote, too.

But as I read this snip from Chuck Klosterman lately, I thought about the Kanye/Williams/Wilson bomb.

"Nothing can be appreciated in a vacuum. That's what accelerated culture does.; it doesn't speed things up as much as it jams everything into the same wall of sound."

I feel we're speeding along so fast with out tech culture, we fail to realize our olde rulez of civility.
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The whole Kanye BS was blown out of proportion, talk about missing* white woman syndrome.. and regarding the soldier friendship post, I was thinking about posting something distasteful in response to something and make a point but I thought 'nah forget it, yo home to Bel Air! I pulled up to the house about seven or eight, and I yelled to the cabby "Yo homes, smell ya later." Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air. *no, there's no missing woman here, but same idea.
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