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Puffing wheat and rice was developed by A.P. Anderson who then sold his patent to Quaker Oats Co.
He was from my hometown of Red Wing, Minnesota. There is a park named after him and also the Anderson Center for Interdisceplinary Studies exists on his former estate as a place for study and artist residences.

just a little fyi for your article :)
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Might want to ask around before sounding so amazed at something that has been around forever. My aunt has bought milk in a bag since I was little and I live in Minnesota. It can currently be bought at Kwik Trip in my area.
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In the US at least they are called ambulatory stalls. They are narrower than the large accessible stalls usually seen in multi-stall restrooms, but they still have the handrails on each side to aide in getting up and down, I assume that's what the "canes" are supposed to represent.
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I live about an hour and half south of Minneapolis and it was -36 this morning when I woke up. They have cancelled school around the state the past two days because it's so cold! There's nothing like walking from your car into work and feeling your sinuses freezing along the way. Ahhh, winter....
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I usually hate watching SNL (the new ones anyway), but I love NPH, so I gave it a shot and it was hilarious! I loved the broadway musical sketch too. is a good resource for sketches since they're good quality.
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Sweet! I took a workshop my freshman year of college in pre-architecture with Bryan as one of the professors of it at Iowa State University. Cool to see where he is now!
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Koalas sleep so much because eucalyptus, their main food of choice, has basically the same effect as giving a human marijuana, they're pretty much stoned as they cling onto that tree. That's also why the main cause of death of koalas is falling out of the tree.
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