An Alternative Hammer

It's so cold in Minneapolis (-21), you can pound nails with bananas, both peeled and unpeeled. This meteorologist does the frozen bubble trick as well, and tosses hot water into the air to watch it instantly evaporate. I actually tried the hot water thing myself when I got home from work tonight (it's -14 right now). It was pretty cool; I felt like Mr. Wizard.


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The water doesn't evaporate.

It sublimates. The hot liquid water breaks up into ice crystals and then much of that goes directly into a gas state. That part which doesn't falls as snow.

It's almost the same thing that happens when you hang wet clothes out in winter. They freeze, and then they dry as the ice goes from a solid directly to a gas without passing thru the water state.


Neat huh?
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Pussies! -14F is nothing, where I come from we regularly have temperatures below -22F, even as far as -40F at times. Add windchill to that and -14F is a bloody cakewalk, almost like shorts weather.
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I live about an hour and half south of Minneapolis and it was -36 this morning when I woke up. They have cancelled school around the state the past two days because it's so cold! There's nothing like walking from your car into work and feeling your sinuses freezing along the way. Ahhh, winter....
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JM, while I sympathize completely with your car woe, I did think it sounded hilarious when I read your post. It's good to have a postive attitude about these things. Good luck with the repairs adn everybody stay warm (11 degrees in NYC right now)
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