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You realize, of course, that Mt. Rushmore will look something like this in 1300 years.

The parts that haven't fallen off anyway.

Very interesting, and puts me in mind of "Ozymandias", the temporary nature of all things, etc.
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I can tell you from experience that it is nearly impossible to find a home for a collection of old National Geographics. My grandfather had nearly every issue going back to the late 1920s when he died. We tried to donate them to any library in the area that would take them to no avail. Now that you can get all of NatGeo on a couple DVDs having hundreds of pounds of paper taking up shelf space isn't very attractive.
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Coca in it's unrefined form is perfectly legal there, and used as a mild stimulant. Cocaine only became a problem when some genius decided that distilling the stuff to 100% purity and snorting the equivalent of several years' supply of the stuff in a disco would be a good idea.

If you freebased raw, concentrated caffeine, the effects would be the same.
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The Award, like most such things, is really for the benefit of those giving it, and those watching. Nothing wrong with that, but I do hope that it came with a dog treat and a good scritch.
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See, I measure political and social happenings on whether or not, and to what extent they move us closer to living in a third-rate cyberpunk story. Corporations running for office is a nice step towards Universal Mirrorshades, but when corporations start directly exercising their _second_ amendment rights and build private armies for their own use, only then will we have truly arrived.
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Near as I can tell most ATM cards are still just a magnetic strip. Sure, there are some smart cards out there, but I suspect they are still in the minority.
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Japan has a surprisingly large homelessness problem. I was amazed by the sheer scale of the blue-tarp tent city in the parks surrounding Osaka Castle when I was there in 2005.
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