Which of Your Lamborghinis Would You Like to Have in Your Living Room Today?

Architect Takuya Tsuchida solved a unique problem for this new homeowner in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. He had a nine-car garage, but wanted to be able to view a car of his choice in his living room. So Tsuchida built an elevator to connect the garage and living room. You can see more photos and floor plans for this luxurious home in the links.

Gallery and Floor Plans via Geekologie | Photo: Koichi Torimura

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Ill take a Jarama, Miura, 5000 countach, espada,
Urracco 3 liter,
and yes a Mercielago in orange too,
ferraris are overrated and OVERPRICED AND OVER EVERYTHING,
the dinos nose looks like a frog, and thier impossible to work on,
308s arn't much better, Ive been in BBs and Dino's, and they are a joke after about 40 mile's,
Ive never heard of cam bearing's wearing so fast as in TR's and 308 V8's,
I mean it don't make any sense,
and the service at an authorized dealer is totally rediculous,
I was in an LP 400 once and it fit me perfect,
everything was where id want it to be,
and the feel of the clutch pedal and shifter was totally progressive,
BB's have lousy seat's,
I was messing with this BB shifter and the thiing felt like stiff metal, with that small fiat shift knob on there there was nothing to hold onto,
I always liked BB's too,
but now Im dissapointed in them,
no room in them, or the TR either,
totally spacey feeling,
like a guided missle,
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At first I thought, "What a decadent asshole", especially since I'm a humble father of two, scraping by on a teacher's salary while my wife is recovering from breast cancer treatment and not working, but then it occured to me that at least his wealth is being spread to the guys who had to build that extravagence. Also, think of all the times the owner is going to get pissed off because it stopped working again.
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