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"In a strange occurance, peciecs of blueberry pie and sticks of dynamite fell from the sky earlier today that has left scientists scratching their heads..."
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Aramax and Anita -- The reserve hasn't been met. I think he may have thought it would have made it much higher in bids than it actually ended up. He may have been expecting some sort of large defense company to buy it out, possibly even the US or Canadian government.
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Very dignified last words to the love of his life, no self-pity or worry of his chances, only thoughts of his dearest and young child's futures.
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I won a plane a a XMas/State Fair kind of thing last night. It was made in China. Apparently the instruction boocklet was also printed in China. There were lines like "Pecharge the battery" and "Use a clear tape to repair any damages if find any". It even seemed like they were forcing their accent on me. Blades were spelled as "Brades".

The Japanese are strange. They don't learn English in conventional ways... Take this HALARIOUS video as an example:
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Kyle, talk to Satan often?

toobdiks, maybe your computer screws up the audio in the video, giving it a delay.. Otherwise you just aren't watching close enough. The dog has been on national TV on more than one occasion. I don't think that something like that could slip by a national audiance. I don't think a guy like that would be improve the dogs movement as tricks that quickly... He doesn't seem like he's the brightest crayon in the box...
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