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can we all agree that it's better than the popcorn/canned apple/giant candle/corn nuts cake that sandra lee made?

at least this one is prettier.
and nonoffensive.
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Everytime something like this comes along, I can't ever think of something good to question or comment with!


-Has anyone ever gone to a PostSecret event dressed in a costume? If so, what's the oddest costume you've seen?

-If you had to choose one CD/album to put on repeat for the rest of your life, which would you choose? If that's too hard, which group or artist would you choose?

-What is the best movie you've seen in the past ten years? Again, if that's to hard to narrow, perhaps a top ten?

I'm so absolutely horrible at thinking of questions. :( I hope mine were partially worthy of being answered by the amazing Mr Warren. :D

Thanks Frank and Neatorama for this interview!
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My favorite one is actually one that they didn't do on the show. The History of Jape is definitely on my list. The Penguin on the Telly, Lumberjack song, Gumby Brain Surgery ["no no, the brain in my head!"], Anne Elk, brackets miss brackets.

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Comedian Eddie Izzard also just finished running around the whole of the UK for Sport Relief, a UK charity. I think he raised £200,000, and it took him a little over 43 days to complete. He posted updates on his Twitter and a blog was kept on his website as well. Definitely worth checking out, it's just as impressive as this guy on the bike.
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This is just one of the many reasons I love Neatorama. While I haven't come across the ad myself, I love that you care about your readers and are trying to fix the problem. Hoorah Neatorama and hoorah to Alex! :D
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I have big ones, and I personally can't see why someone would *pay* the $6000 or so for them.** They're annoying, and Kerozene's right, I can't do much with them. They just get in the way too much, especially since I'm already short, and leaning over things is a hassle. I'm always on the lookout to make sure I didn't stick my chest where it didn't need to be. XD

For the record, I'm about five feet tall and have a DD chest. Talk about annoying, but hey. I do have something that people actually pay big money to get. My friend says I have "pin-up girl boobs".

**I understand for self esteem reasons, or reconstructive surgery, etc., but if you just want bigger ta-tas, why? Use the money for something better! :D
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I know you couldn't post it here, but I laughed rather hard at the one with the, erm, ducklings. >_>

That's a wonderful site, I've added it to my daily blog list. (:
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@ Alex--

D'oh! That's why I liked the search bar, so I could check for duplicates before I post.

At least this was a refresher for everyone! :D
Thanks for voting! (:
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That cake is awesome.

Though, now I'm kind of scared to bake and eat it because of Alex's poo comment.

Must you put those weird mental images into my head? :D
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Okay, I've read all 19 comments. Thanks for commenting. The way I worded the info about the vid could have been better. I wasn't implying by any means that Hugh just did comedy on the side while he went to work as an accountant or something. He started out in comedy and worked his way to doing everything he's done up until now, including House. I know he was popular before House. He will continue to be popular for what he did before he did House. I didn't mean to make any of you upset or angry or whatever. Just had to get that off my chest.

Sorry if I upset you. Can't we all just enjoy Hugh Laurie no matter his role? :D
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