Bra Sizes Increasing

One of America's largest bra makers says that three years ago, the most common size in the country was 36C. Last year it was 36D. In 2009, Wacoal predicts that 36DD will be the size more women purchase than any other.
Theories abound as to why women’s cups seem to be (forgive the pun) spilling over. Some ascribe the difference to a confluence of health and beauty trends that have accelerated over time. A 2007 study of adult women by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the prevalence of obesity — someone having a body mass index of 30 or more — has increased 2.1 percent since 2004, to 35.3 percent. Breast augmentation, too, is still a popular procedure, despite the recession. And age and hormones play havoc with baby boomers’ bust sizes, as well. But most manufacturers and lingerie shop owners say the phenomenon is due to the fact that more women are being fitted correctly. They call it the Oprah effect. Since 2005, when Oprah Winfrey devoted a show to how to buy the right size bra, the number of women seeking bra fittings has soared.

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Illustration by Alison Seiffer.

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This is so weird. I just went bra shopping a couple weeks ago, and discovered to my horror that I've gone from a 36C to a 36D. I better start exercising more, I didn't realize I had such control over the national boobie average!
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Before my pregnancy, I was a 34DD. I have had numerous back problems and get black eyes when I run no matter how good my bra is ;). And pregnancy causes them to get even BIGGER. My son is 15 months old now and my cup size has still not receded all the way to its pre-pregnancy size.

If I were ever to get breast surgery it would be to reduce the size.
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Yeah, probably breasts are getting bigger, but it's hard to tell with the sizing weirdness. Clothing sizes, for instance, have all gone stupid as manufacturers lower the numbers for whatever reason. For instance, a size 6 of a few years ago is today something like a 2. I'm not gross-skinny, but I wear a ZERO. That's, like, hardly a number. You can't just keep making up sh*t.

It stands to reason that bra sizes might be doing the same thing, but upwards since society thinks bigger is better in that department.
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The missus just got hers reduced (DD to C) and couldn't be happier. No more back problems. And bruising on her knees is gone :-)
Being in Canada, and due to back problems, it was a free operation.
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