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Sounds like neatoman has his head up his bum, and/or has believed everything his teachers have told him- despite the overwhelming design behind the things we once thought were so simple. In dear ol' Darwin's day, the complexity of a human skin cell was thought to be comparable to a Cadillac. Now we're sure the complexity exceeds that of the CERN Hadron Collider. Modern "science" is as political as it is arrogant.
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nobody mentioned the tounge in cheek commentary with the wvu painted handgun. there, have something else to crank about, you overly-coddled nitpicking authorities on political correctness.
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just like that, huh? of course the scientific method has no bearing here, because realistically, who would have the means to reproduce it and a control in a lab? but you know the old saying: sex sells; unfounded knowledge paired with Micheal Bay-esque explosions obtains grants from the fed.
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Since we're on the topic of delicious psychoactives, why not list some fun facts about cannabis for the letter "C"? Surely this would be more interesting than beer in a bag.
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