Magical Beer Dispenser Pours Beer into Cups from the Bottom

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A company called Bottoms Up Beer designed a beer dispenser that fills up cups from the bottom. Presumably the dispenser opens and then closes a perforated hole in the bottom of the cup. Or it's magic.

via reddit | Company Website (warning: self-starting sound)

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I volunteer @ Ravens stadium for the football games sometimes, and I know that this device would definitely speed things up at half-time! Just have to figure out a quick-pay solution as well, otherwise the register will slow you down :(

(and we never re-use cups--yuck!)
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Since there is less head on the beer than from a traditional pour, it looks like more beer rather than less.

As for more money, this should save the vendor money by lowering labor expenses and increasing sales volume. But considering the captive markets in which these most likely will be deployed, I've got to admit that the savings probably won't be passed along to you and I.
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"Plus you can't reuse it (I don't want your slobber on my beer dispenser)."

Name one venue where you purchase a plastic cup of beer and you reuse that same cup for subsequent beers.
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