Custom Painted Firearms

Hard Corps Weaponry is a studio that specializes in the custom painting of guns, including this nifty FNP9 in a John Deere theme. Other guns in the gallery include a Hello Kitty shotgun, a Miami Hurricanes Glock 23, and many exotic camouflage schemes. via Say Uncle

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"Those types of guns can only be used for one thing: To kill other people (like, oh I don't know, State Congresspeople?). I love Neatorama, but if I ever see an article glorifying assassination weapons again, I will never come back here."

Funny. None of my guns have ever killed anyone. Which would be impossible, if they're only meant to kill people, right?

"Assassination weapons"? Where did you pull that term from? Sounds like something a child would say.

Here's to hoping for more of these types of article, glorifying "assassination weapons", so you don't ever come back again.
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I will accept your word for it, Frau.

Camo patterns I can understand, although if camo really worked, you'd always lose your gun every time you set it down. "Where'd it go now?"

I just don't picture a lot of guns with the fancier patterns and logos on them, but I'm not part of that scene. In the end, I think it's silly to make them look like toys, but that's just my opinion.
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"Not so common in the real world." What?
People get their hunting rifles customized with camo patterns, all the time. Gun manufacturers offer special color selections. This is just someone tapping into a niche market of "getting your favorite ______" put on the firearm and offering a better camo pattern than what is available from the manufacturer.
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Yeah, I just thought the idea of making real guns look like toys was insane, but I got a laugh out of the "this is a hate web site" comment. the reason: because Yousaf seems to have gone over the site desperately searching for something to criticize. Or he's just trolling.

Sweeping generalizations aside, objecting to the glorification of guns is not necessarily a "knee-jerk reaction" or a reaction based on fear. Some of the reaction is simply common sense: why make your gun look like a toy? Why make a can of rat poison look delicious? Why make medication look like candy?

Frau's explanation of their use in competitions makes sense. It's like slapping logos on your race car. Not so common in the real world.
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