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My guess is, playing the lottery is one of the reasons his house was in jeopardy to begin with and that with this sort of stunning financial savvy it will be in jeopardy again very shortly.
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I had a kitten when I was 12 or so that was let outside in the winter and crawled up next to the motor to keep warm. Sadly, when the car was started the kitten was killed by the fan. It was an accident but it upset me a great deal. Just one more reason to keep your pets indoors, especially in the winter.
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I love videos of child abuse. Successful people make me feel inadequate so it really boosts my self esteem to see talented folks get torn down and if it's a kid and it's violent even better. Please post more 'neat' videos like this so I don't have to think about where I've gone wrong in my life.

P.S. I'd like to suggest a new Neato tagline: Neatorama - We support child abuse! or Neatorama - Because violence is funny!
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This illustrates some (not even ALL) of the reasons I haven't gone to the movies in five years. Why pay $20 to be annoyed and stressed out when I can buy the DVD for less and watch it in the comfort of my home as many times as I want. Movie theaters are dying a slow death.
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I think this law is good intentioned but misguided. I've been a volunteer at animal rescues, I've helped cats and dogs give birth, I've seen the sick abuse people visit upon their 'property'. The laws need to change, and more importantly the way we think of pet ownership needs to change, but I don't think this is the way to do it.

Having a pet is not a right, it's a privilege. Animals feel pain, both physically and emotionally, and we have a responsibility to care for them properly when we accept the responsibility of ownership. To me, adopting an animal is no different than adopting a child in so far as the responsibility involved. Unfortunately, human beings are really good at 'otherifying' lifeforms different than them. Throughout history we've convinced ourselves that our people are the real people and everyone else are souless non-beings so it's ok to kill them, rape them, make them our slaves. It's 2010 and we still think of animals that way. It's sad and shameful.

The right way to go about this is education and enforcement of existing laws. Start by making people take a course (similar to adoption courses) on how to care for their pet. Pass and you get a license, fail and no pets for you. Then, strictly enforce laws regarding animal cruelty and animal mills. Finally, devote some funding to education programs and rescue assistance.
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I have no idea if this was a good video or not. I suspect not. I made it to about 1 minute 12 seconds in before I stopped it. The music is what did me in. The art was bad and so was the sound but the music was like daggers in my ears.
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My wedding day was equally catastrophic. Our 11 year anniversary is next week. We're ridiculously happy and in love. No signs, no paranoia, no mystical curses or superstition. It was just a bad day. The wedding lasts a day and is fairly meaningless. The marriage is what matters.
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When I was 12 my stupid 11 year old brother and his two friends thought it would be hilarious to tie one of those spinning fireworks to the top of his tennis shoe and set it off. It melted his shoe and spiraled down through his foot down to the bone. He had severe burns and had to be flown to a hospital for several weeks. He has a huge scar and some loss of function in his foot.

Fireworks are explosives. Leave them to the professionals.
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I'll admit it was funny, but that doesn't excuse it for being cruel as well. I've visited his site before and understand his frustration with some of the people he deals with but this was just blatant douchery. He had time to make a bunch of bad flyers but not one simple missing flyer for the poor woman? I hope this comes back on him in his time of need, maybe that will make him think twice the next time he decides to jerk someone around for no reason.

P.S. I fail to see, yet again, how this is neat. It's not, it's just mean. Don't promote cruelty.
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I just had a DaVinci surgery at Penn in March. While this surgery is 'potentially' less invasive keep in mind that it has it's issues too. I chose DV because it was supposed to be a shorter recovery. Instead the very first incision made by the machine punctured my intestines flooding my body with bacteria. The docs/nurses refused to believe anything was wrong for several hours and as a result I had emergency surgery the following day, almost died, spent a week in ICU, a week on the cath floor, two weeks at home on IV antibiotics and a huge incision in my abdomen. It's been about two months and I'm still getting treatment for this and it will be several months before I'm back to normal (if then). While DaVinci is a nice tool try to remember that it is just as risky as any surgery and comes with it's own flaws. Do your research before ANY surgery.
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