Would You Eat Lab-Grown Meat?

Would you eat a lab-grown steak? Esquire Magazine interviewed Dr. Morris Benjaminson who created lab-grown fish for NASA about the ways that "test tube meat" could rescue the planet and the human race - from helping the environment to curing disease and preventing hunger.

ESQ: There won't be methane emissions without a digestive tract. Could this technology stop global warming?

MB: Reports have definitively shown that animal husbandry produces massive pollution, and a large percentage of our problems are caused by raising large numbers of animals for slaughter. Look at the way chickens are raised. Fish raised in captivity produce enormous quantities of waste, and there's no good way to dispose of it. The environment is not being affected favorably; from the standpoint of preserving the environment, lab-grown meat technology certainly deserves support. And beyond climate change, this could stop famines in places like Ethiopia and Darfur, where people starve to death because they don't have enough protein in their diet.

Link - Thanks Marty!

If the steak doesn't cost $45,000 a pound, would you eat lab-grown meat?

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I'm amazed none of these articles make any real effort to extrapolate the ethics of the bioreactor. The great majority of us would rather NOT have to kill for meat.

Forget making it taste 'normal'; it's a new product. Don't introduce it as a substitute unless you want it to have a bad image. With that said, I bet it tastes like what it's made from -- meat. I couldn't have more reasons to look forward to this development.
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The show "Better Off Ted" had a hilarious episode about a "meat blob" Veridian Dynamics was developing.
Just wish somebody had posted a clip from it on YouTube!
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I would definitely eat it. In fact, I'd volunteer to test it. Cheaper, cleaner, healthier meat must be a good thing. And, if it can help to ameliorate a potential world food crisis, then so much the better.

Speaking out of almost total ignorance (obviously, this is the Internet); I can't see that working a muscle in order to somewhat replicate the chewiness of normally farmed meat would be too difficult. Some sort of electrical pulse as it grows should work, right?

Also, my GF would surely rapidly run out of excuses to not eat meat; which would mean I would only have to cook one meal at a time. And that would kick ass.
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