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While I don't hate texting, I think texting has limits. I generally text when I just want to say something short, maybe one or two exchanges long. Or, if talking on the phone would be too intrusive in the location I am currently. Other than that, I prefer a phone call.
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The tourists in Yellowstone are just as stone stupid as it seems they are in Estes Park. Yeah, that bull elk is just sitting there on the ground all peaceful-like, but I'm sure the speed in which it will get up and gore you would shock you; don't be stupid and stand next to it for a souvenier photo.
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Oh, I remember this lady from my American History class in high school. I couldn't remember her name, but the fact that she was such a skinflint that she wore the same black dress until it was green and falling apart and used newspaper for insulation under the skirt has stuck with me ever since.
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I can tell you, as someone who works in a middle-class department store, that the 80's and 90's have very much made their way back into fashion. We have day-glo neon green and pink and stirrup leggings in stock, and they are being purchased. In fact, I would say that the neon of the late 80's and early 90's is this years big thing among teens. It makes my little heart cry at what is coming back.
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That's 4 stone 3lbs. Since a stone is roughly equal to 14 lbs, that mean that she doesn't weigh more than 59lbs.

I think that my 5 year old is 3/4 her weight. That's amazing.
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My grandmother is a firm believer in the fact that expiration dates are just guidelines and that they're mostly a gimmick to get you to throw away perfectly good food. Let me tell you, ranch dressing that is more than two years past its expiration date does NOT taste like ranch dressing. :(
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The Bible doesn't say that Christ was born in December, nor does it have anything to say about the geometry of the Earth. At least know about that which you ridicule. Thank you.
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After living with my 77 y/o grandmother for a time, I have come to realize that people really do prey on the elderly. I can't tell you how many times I have seen someone come to the door and try to get my grandmother to part with her money for something ridiculous and they seem to only visit the elderly people in the neighborhood (she lives in a neighborhood where there are a lot of older residents). Not to mention the mechanic who tried to tell her she needed over $600 in replacement parts when what was really needed were a couple of cheap hose clamps and some more oil.
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Whoa, there. Alex says nothing about actually believing Al Gore's claim that he invented the internet. It is a common point of laughter everywhere that Mr. Gore had the gall to lay ownership to inventing the internet.
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Biker Ray-
They did the experiment over the course of one mile and the car was already up to speed at the start of that mile. Meaning that the long term affects of the extra weight were not part of the results. They even stated that the extra weight of the clay would, indeed, eventually cause a negative impact on fuel efficiency and that the cost of fuel to get the car up to speed were equally negative.

However, the point of the experiment was to see if the evenly dimpled surface would have a "golf ball-like affect" and decrease the drag and fuel consumption. Since metal doesn't easily form uniform dimples, they were forced to coat the car in clay and dimple the clay. All of the experiments were carried out on the same course and at the same speed, meaning that the per mile fuel consumption can be compared and a fairly accurate conclusion can be reached.
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