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Like it or not, it works. Only one student has been paddled since reinstatement of this policy, but behavior is "dramatically improved at Temple High School", according to a newspaper article I read today. Back-talking to teachers, disrespect towards teachers, cursing at other students and teachers, inappropriate attire, and other policy violations cause "collateral damage" in the form of other students learning to be interrupted, so I'm for it.
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It always seems a high percentage of pages at are unviewable for me. The articles (not the front page) frequently seem to re-direct to a page with a small ad. What a suck-ass web site. Fails with Firefox under Snow Leopard. With AdBlock Plus.
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One of the following (or both) are true: being upside down makes your eyes red. you must be stoned to be in one of that guys photos.
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People want to keep the money they earn. If someone takes it, people will take action. People who think the government should decide how to spend their earnings should move to Cali, NY, Mass., etc. IDIOTS!
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This study doesn't prove beer causes the density increases, only that it appeared statistically significant in the beer drinkers. These kind of studies always give me a laugh.
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Cocktails "every man" should know? "Every man who drinks" should be the title. Stereotype alert. Not every man uses drugs such as alcohol because we care about our health and can cope just fine without. How much sense would this make if it were "5 ways to use cocaine" or "5 ways to use weed"?
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