Study Shows Drinking Beer Improves Bone Density

Many studies have tried to link health benefits to moderate alcohol consumption.  Loss of bone density is a problem in women as they age, but beer has come to the rescue!

The study included surveys of women at various stages in life and found that those who regularly drank beer had higher bone density.

Fraternities across the country will surely try to promote kegs of beer as being good for you!

Scientists at the University of Extremadura in Caceres, Spain, conducted a study involving 1,697 healthy women, 811 of whom were postmenopausal while a further 176 were going through the menopause.

Participants were required to complete questionnaires, providing information on their smoking habits, as well as their levels of alcohol, caffeine and nutrient consumption.

The women also agreed to undergo ultrasound scans so that the density of their bones could be assessed.

The researchers found that participants who reported drinking beer on a regular basis tended to have greater bone density than those who did not drink beer or who tended to consume wine.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by OddNumber.

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heres a thought for ya.. my grandad drinks on a regular basis and i do mean drinks!! all his vertabrae is fused together but one.. doctors say he should not be walkin around but is.. why is that? maybe the alcohol is helpin us in some never know jus think twice b4 bashin a person who enjoys his drink! lol
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If drinking beer on a regular basis gives you bone density than I wonder about Vodka? I guess it is all of the gran and hops in the beer? Interesting study all the same! Cheers to Beer!
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