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This is not the problem. Everything mentioned is not the problem. Mildly the problem, but not the main problem. Anyone who goes to the store sometime, check these dolls out. And just look at how skinny they are. It is really hard to tell from the photos online, but if you see it in person, it is horrifying. Anorexia promotion to the max. That was the one thing that had me talking about it on the way home. Terrible! The waist, the arms, the legs. It's really disheartening.
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Pretty good video. I see from the other link everyone already had the discussion about the censorship.
But I will say, we need to remember the bad things from the past to improve. We need to be able to read books from the past and scoff at what was once the norm. Whether the norm was to call people nigger, threatening 'faggots' and bi-racial couples, treating women like they didn't have the capacity for intelligent thought, or other equally despicable things.
Remembering it, seeing it, helps us remember how many mistakes were made then and are still being made today.

Which is why it's pathetic that we have delicate sensibilities regarding our ugly history. The word isn't there because it's ok today, it's because it was ok then. And we need to reflect on how that happens.
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That was entertaining. I had it muted though, which was more interesting because then you could make mental sound effects and whooshes.
Cats sure make dramatic movements
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Wait just a minute, how did they know to be taping at that moment? Why were they intently taping the security camera from their own camera? Did they mess with the shelves or just sense the impeding doom?
I'm probably over-thinking it.
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For a second I thought this was complaining about Tale of Two Sisters in the list, and I was about to be disappointed. Relieved to see it's about the remake. Because the original movie was really good, and I can hardly explain why. What the hell is under the sink! Gahhh!
I actually guessed the plot twist to Secret Window when my husband told me just a brief summary of the movie. I was like, oh, it's probably... And he was so upset. I had never seen the movie, or really seen anything about it, just knew it had Johnny Depp as a writer. Humorous.
I did like Black Swan, it was jarring. I thought the all in your head part could have been done better in some ways, but it didn't ruin it for me.
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That was easy? What's the problem? Even 'ADD' style grown up with a computer playing games in black and white since babyhood youngin' can do this, so it's silly to compare it as if it has something to do with it. Maybe people who haven't lived with it their whole lives have problems adjusting, that would be interesting.
Although, my screen went dim as though it was going to sleep, and I was worried that I wouldn't know when to stop. But then I thought, cool, it's like the sun is really setting. :D
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So, when computers automatically add an indent for you, you have to do it again at the start of a paragraph because you were told to hit that key when you were growing up, when there was no auto-indent function?
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What's strange is, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seemed to have happened during my lifetime. Sometime after the 90's. I remember when things weren't huge as hell. I wish positive improvements would move that fast. Instead of wasteful fattening ones.
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I'm from Seattle, which I suppose is artsy. I haven't been to a ton of major cities, but maybe that's one reason I really love graffiti art.
I -hate- word graffiti, crappy scribbles, names. But:

Look at this http://www.flickr.com/photos/a-necessary-evil/4570364270/in/faves-7anya/
This is near home and fantastic.
I like this stuff. I can't say I agree with other types of graffiti in inconvenient places that businesses don't want. But I don't see any reason not to have it in ugly corners and freeways. So long as it looks like art more than crap. Mural instead of advertisement.
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Hrm. Product aside, I still have a huge distaste for the fact that no one seems to remember the definition of feminism, or that men can be feminists, considering it simply means to believe in equal rights between men and women.
I acknowledge the presence of femi-'nazi's and man haters, but why have they become synonymous? I'm a happy feminist but it's hard to say that with the connotation of being a huge bitch.
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It looks like paint, due to the speckled fading out. But when I looked it up I found very similar images with shadows that probably prove that it is actually carved.
In which case, it is really cool.
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