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Actually, old defunct shotgun barrels are easily found, at gunshows, antique shops, or even some garbage dumps. That solves the pressure problem. The transplanted trigger mechanism from the stapler - good idea. Weak point: the lockup. Wouldn't ever shoot it from the shoulder, because that'd put the blowup right under your nose.
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I've seen dozens of these at antique fairs, curio shows, gun shows; all done by soldiers in WW1. they're called 'trench art', and the field includes ashtrays, lighters, flasks, field pieces, biplanes - all made from brass cartridge cases, shell casings, bullets, shrapnel, and bullets.
A lot of time on their hands, when they weren't killing/dying for their country.
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The Serpent features marginally in John Varley's 'Titan-Wizard-Demon' trilogy; one of the central characters is named for that instrument, and talks about what it's like to play, and hear.
Nice to see a picture of it.
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Had the feeling that the show was trying to make fun of him, but he just rode along with it and enjoyed himself. It's nice to see Mr Khil in the spotlight, making a few rubles.
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This has been a staple item in mildly-futuristic science fiction ever since the 1950's.
Let me suggest 'The Space Merchants' by Pohl&Kornbluth.
And who can forget Bill Cosby's bit about 'The Chicken Heart that Ate Chicago'? What do you suppose all that heart was supposed to be for?
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