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A swinging sword looks very different from the sword's point of view! These guys duct taped a camera to the end of the sword before they put it through its paces. The effect may cause dizziness. -via The Daily What

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Hello. After watching the video from the camera on a sword that has been circulating a lot, we decided to do a new version with 2 swords fighting and well dressed asmedieval.
This was the result:
We hope you enjoy it.
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GaryK I guess you are one of those folks who think they know everything about everything and cannot man up an admit they have no clue what they are looking at.
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Hi all,

This is Historical European Martial Art (HEMA) and this video is from an event my club is hosting every year in Sweden Gothenburg.

As stated before we are doing moves directly from the manuals from 1300.

i Practice German Longsword and we are just free-styling some swings, didn't had any expectations of this video to get that many views :)

you are welcome to see more real spar sessions and competition on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ryrlen where we have a lot of great fights (and some not that great)

Best Regards
Mattias R
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The fact that the camera is facing the hands and they are using a two handed grip means that the camera will be facing the wielder most of the time. I wish they would have used a few more off hand spins or wrist break moves but they may have been concerned about the camera staying in place. Otherwise they are quite a bit more than just swinging the camera around and are perfectly consistent with several medieval sword cadences and moves.
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@ GaryK

I have been fighting for two years now, and I have nowhere near the smoothness of these guys.

That you see it and can say that it is boring any ten year old can do it shows your complete ignorance of what is being done. To me it's fascinating, watching the footwork, the movement of the hands and forearms and the transitions between guards.

I only wish that there was a video taken with a static camera off to the side so I could compare the two.
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