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Some people are more sensitive to the sulphuric acids in onions than others. I am super sensitive and nothing works for me, other than cutting them under a hood vent with a very sharp knife as quickly and efficiently as possible. And I STILL tear up and find it almost unbearably painful until I rinse my eyes with water. EVERY TIME I CUT ONIONS. And I cook a lot.
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When I worked at the Ren Faire in Northern California, I sat next to a group of jousters after hours in a nearby cafe. Listening to them talk about the finer points of jousting really took a lot of the romance out of it. They were basically rodeo guys that wore armor. After hours, they all wore cowboy hats or stained ballcaps and horseshit covered boots. Not knightly at all.
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Just for clarification, an Aussie to Yank translation (from an American living in Australia):

skip = dumpster
tip = landfill or dump

So the full translation would be:

"We didn't want to see them put in a dumpster and taken to the landfill and all smashed up."
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Custard apples actually are readily available in the US. They're known by their Spanish name, Cherimoyas and are native to Peru. I used to see them at farmer's markets, Whole Foods, pretty much everywhere. I only saw them called 'custard apples' when I moved to Australia.
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Alls I'm saying is, when I lived in SF I did this all he time and the food was ALWAYS gone within seconds.
If somebody wants to eat my leftovers, I'm not making them dig through garbage.
Once, a young lady was begging for change from me on Haight St. I asked what she needed, then she told me her story. I said I had some really good leftovers in my car and a blanket I was going to donate anyway. She thanked me profusely, as most of her stuff had been stolen the day before.
Almost everyone I knew did the replating thing in SF. It just seemed stupid not to do it, considering the number of people I had to literally step over to get from my car to my apartment.
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This is the greatest story ever. I love that this kind of thing can happen.
I wonder if the mother (his wife) will take prolactin and be able to breastfeed? It would make more sense, since the father's already had chest surgery to remove his breasts.

It's great to see that a loving, stable couple is bringing a child into this world that will be loved and cared for.

someguy: You are an ignorant twit. "No logical way"? What is that based on? Gender identity is a complex issue that your tiny mind clearly cannot comprehend. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a gender that matches their sex.
Your definition of sanity is apparently bigotry, prejudice and ignorance.
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Dude! That's 3 Snake Wine! An ex-boyfriend of mine found some of that when he was doing a moving job for a Chinese restaurant. The proprietor told him it would make him sexually attractive and so he drank some of it. Maybe it worked, I sure thought he was hot.
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That is the best thing ever.
That's pretty much what I feel like in my dance class: A walrus rolling around awkwardly but perfectly in time to the music while prettier, skinnier girls move much more nimbly around me.
Ugh, I need to go work out now.
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This kind of makes sense. When I worked at a Renaissance Faire, they would give you a glass of pickle juice if you started showing signs of dehydration.
I also have a nasty habit of drinking pickle juice straight out of the jar.
Also, it's a great alternative to sugary summertime treats.
I've been thinking for a while that the age of the savoury frozen foods has come.
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I may be a girl, but I think a good manly scent would be "Campfire." Who doesn't like finding that jacket that you last wore on a camping trip that still smells like campfire smoke? Ahh, comforting, relaxing, outdoorsy and very, very manly.
Also, going along with the stinkier scents, "Pool Hall." The smell of sour beer and cigarette smoke, chalk and sweat with just a hint of urinal cake.
Perhaps, "Bowling Alley." Similar to "Pool Hall" except with the smell of greasy nachos and shoe deodoriser.
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For some reason, Are You Afraid of the Dark used to freak me out. Not that the show was particularly scary, but then later, when I was trying to sleep, the storylines would creep back into my head and keep me awake. Honestly, I loved all of those shows. I wished that Nick had done more shows like that. I wanted to be Clarissa so bad. I think, at the time, I kind of hated those shows officially, but ended up watching them all the time since there was nothing else on. Especially Hey Dude. That show sucked, but it sucked me into watching it. Every time I see Mr. Ernst in anything else, I can't help but see him as Mr. Ernst.
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Bad. Really, really bad accents. They are all so exaggerated I couldn't stop cringing. Especially the Aussie ones. Those were hideous.

However, if this is her audition reel, I expect her to get parts on American television.


The only believable one was Seattle which, I guess, makes sense.
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That looks like it would make me spew all over my keyboard after about five minutes. Even the smiling happy people seem uncomfortable and terrified of that thing.
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