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When I was on my 20's I was an owl, but now (33 years) I'm definitively one of these. I go to bed usually around 2-2.30AM and go up at 7AM (even on weekends). With 5 hours of sleep I'm perfectly fine, if I sleep more than 7 hours I wake up badly.

The extra time is usually invested on reading and the PS3 :)
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cannot-log-in: Yes, during my military service we did some marchs of about 50 kms too, fully loaded. You can walk a lot when you're in shape...

Rocky: the difference is that the Roman legions did it marching while the marathon guy supossedly did it jogging. And most historicians think that what it really did was going from Athens to Sparta to carry a message, then back from Sparta to Athens (153 miles, which he did in three days!!!), and then to Maraton, to tell the Spartan reply, and then from Maraton to Athens to carry the news of the victory. And in the original sources there is no telling of him dying after it.

He was called in Athens "the horse man" because he delivered messages to long distances faster than a horse (he has to rest less) but he would take the money paid to horse-messengers anyway :)
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When there is a great photo somebody always will say "photoshoped", like they were photoshop expert, while the fact that the photo is real only show how clueless they are.
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Flickr is not the best option for hosting images. First, the conditions forbit linking the images outside Flickr if they're not linked to the Flickr account. Second, there is a bandwith limit even on paid accounts that a site like Neatorama would reach in no time.

Amazon S3 or some similar service would be a better option in this case.
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Two days ago I forgot my phone (a 350€ one) on a cab. I wish my taxi driver was the one of the article, because I don't have any hope of having my phone back.
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Byrd Brain,

I know how to read, thank you very much, maybe you should try to read again:

Of course, it’s would be a mistake — even with her Greek background — to call her “European” or to claim that she had “European” heritage

And while you're at it, and before give lessons to anybody, study a little of history, read a few clasics (you can start by Julius Caesar or Herodotus, they're easy to read), and understand that Italians and Greeks called the land where they lived EUROPA and called themselves (you can search on any clasic source you can find, for example on the accounts of the now famous battle of Thermopylae) and its barbaric friends EUROPEANS (Herodotus, book IV, XLIX), as oposed to Asians or Africans.

And while you're at it take a look at the geographical origin of some of the peoples that composed the greeks.
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Wow, so you are saying that Greeks or Italian, the people that created most of modern European culture are not "truly" Europeans, that they can't claim an European heritage.

I don't know where you live and what sense of "European indentity" you have over there, but people in Europe (in ALL europe) consider Italians and Greeks as Europeans.
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What is the sound of two electrons crashing? PLANK!

What is the sound of an electron rotating around and atom? Boooooooooooohrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
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