The Real Face of Cleopatra

Egyptologists worked for over a year to produce a digital 3D recreation of the face of Cleopatra, using ancient artifacts combined with modern imaging technology. The result is a beautiful face of mixed ethnicity.
Dr Ashton, of Cambridge University, said the images, to be broadcast as part of a Five documentary on Cleopatra, reflect the monarch's Greek heritage as well as her Egyptian upbringing.

'She probably wasn't just completely European. You've got to remember that her family had actually lived in Egypt for 300 years by the time she came to power.'

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(image credit: Image Foundry Studios, LTD)

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she was black and also mixed with white not no asian the next cleopatra movie should star a woman of color because i truly beilive dis is wat she looked like
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Well if the latest discovery of Cleopatra's sister Asinoue is anything to go by, Cleopatra would of had a similar resemblance.

Asinoue who was recently discovered had a slight skeleton structure that was of a very slender frame for a female, and her skull was reconstructed to give an impression on how her family siblings might of looked.

After seeing her skull reconstruction it was pretty obvious that Cleopatra's family were quite attractive in facial appearance as Asinoue skull proved.
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Somewhat resembles the pencil drawing by author Colleen McCullough for her The October Horse novel, though at least it doesn't have the lopsided right eye and mouth. True, all we have are coins and busts of her from her time or shortly after, so no way, without a skull or mummy, to really accurately portray her. She looks unattractive and masculine on the coins but the coins were also stylized portrayals probably intended to convey power and authority, and they are tiny images that lack the detail we can render today. So the coin images are probably not dependable either. Still, beautiful or not, she was probably not ugly and her beauty may have been mostly in her charm and charisma and intelligence.
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One question---
How do you recreate a face without using at least part of the skull? Cleopatra has not been identified.
It looks like just another fantasy pic of her.
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