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If you look at the online PDF version of the document you can test the fakeness of the document by zooming in and out really fast.

You'll see the text dissapear for a second and not the rest of the document.

What does that mean? Text was added to the form later.


Fugehdaboudit, at least he showed us something. I'm happy..
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@ John I've seen that. I work in a drafting company and the only stuff we see in multiple layers are documents that were edited in a program and not a single scan.

@ Gauldar That's what Obama wants us to say.

And everyone else. I'm not a birther. I just don't believe anything that Obama says after he personally made healthcare a taxable fine when he said he wouldn't and insurance a requirement when he said he wouldn't.
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Cute responses. Love the feedback. It's like saying the person who's funeral you're at was an asshole. No one wants to say it but it's still true. There are a million things that can cause you to loose control of your vehicle, I want to see the video's making desperate pleas to not change the CD in your radio till you pull over. Or the melodramatic video about how reaching for something in the back seat WILL KILL YOU! I don't drive and text unless I feel I am in a position to do so. Boxed in traffic or neighborhood areas, you don't be dumb about. And always keep your eyes on the road. With a good cell phone you can text without looking. Be smart, not bleeding heart.
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Population culling. If she's that good at texting while driving then this wouldn't have happened. I've sent texts since they invented cell phones. Never swerved, never lost my awareness on what vehicles on the road are doing.

There are plenty of things that can kill you while driving. Not wearing seat belt. DUI. Messing with the radio. Some people.
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A Cow would be funny for sure. But I kind of want to see the car there cause I am always trying to learn to better control my anger. It's been a huge help to my relationships.

And it's a Tibetan saying according to Leonard
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FIRST! lol so anyway, this is totally a left handed guitar! /frown/ Or they flipped the picture.. cause if I played this sucka, the K. Troopa would be upside down... Not fun! =(
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