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We've just come back from Portugul, and a nearly perfect holiday was RUINED by mosquito bites, especially near the river in Tavira. Like Red Bunny, I wonder what purpose these critters serve as they seem to have been sent to earth to aggrevate humans
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Ha-ha just seen this on another website with everyone dissing their moms! I spend more time on FB than my adult children but I use a computer all day at work so I suppose I'm addicted.
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I wish they'd find a definitive reason why some people attract mozzies and how to repel them. I am so allergic that I have to take antibiotics with me on holiday or I'll get badly infected with blood blisters and a fever.
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What about pollution? That must have caused an amazing amount of smoke over that part of the world. That is one place I have no desire to visit - give me a sleepy Greek island any time (Heth from the UK)
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I still have my original Viewmaster from 1964, plus all the reels. The casing is a little split, but it's still possible to view the reels. Some are factual, like The Roman Forum, Hampton Court and the Hawiian Islands, but most are Disney. I would never get rid of it!
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OH MY GOD!! I was in bands like that myself in the 1970s, only in England not Sweden. I always thought that Scandanavians were good-looking. There were a few lookers I suppose, but mostly......
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