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Our kitten (now 3 years old) came to us the same way. A co-worker had driven back on a 120 mile trip and kept hearing a squeaking noise. She took her car into an auto shop and they put it up on a lift and eventually retrieved a tiny grey and white kitten! Her only injury was a little scratch on her nose, and she was skittish of people for a while. Strangely enough, she still loves going for car rides!
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Just received our items- I got a Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Celebriduck (great since I collect rubber duckies) and my boyfriend received a 'perpetual motion' top which is driving the cats nuts. I wish I'd gotten the Felix ducky (really loved the Pink panther ducky on the celebriducks site, and felix was also on my list), but, we're both happy with our items. :)
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Yay! It came last night!

I got a tiara, which is indeed a nice tiara (one of the welds is broken, though, but that can be fixed), and the other half got a belt with a star belt buckle. Oh! And a little piggy LED flashlight that oinks. Awesome, especially since we were looking at those things in a store the other weekend and couldn't bring ourselves to drop $5.99 on a little piggy.
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Still waiting... Worried a little since I never got a confirmation e-mail of the order (and apparently my account never got setup/logged in during ordering), but my card did get debited! lol
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The books are twinkies- junk food. It's teen romance of some sort. Bella is the new girl and Edward is the cute guy. She becomes obsessed with him and her whole world revolves around him; he is a vampire with victorian morals, and he sparkles (which is the whole reason I read the books). She's got hormonal issues and he's holding off until vamping or marriage. *shrugs* Hardly a harlot's love story, Sid.

As for book four, I'd be more concerned with a younger kid (junior high age or younger) reading about the GRAPHIC consequences of the couple's passion than with the passion. The passion is non-existant. They kiss, then the story jumps to afterwards. It's implied that there are relations between them, but for all we know they could have been playing scrabble all night.
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I am 5' 3" and weigh (currently) 235 lbs. I am, by classification of the BMI, Obese. I am in good health, have low blood pressure and cholesterol, no signs of any health problems typically associated with being overweight (i.e. diabetes and heart problems) and this is all recently verified by the health testing I had to undergo for my life insurance policy back in January. Yes, I was solely responsible for my weight gain, about 100+ lbs. since I was in High School, but even then I would have been classified as Overweight by my BMI, even though I then ran track (made it to the state quarter and semi-finals two seperate years in 300 meter hurdles) and did karate. I currently eat healthy, maintain a calorie intake typically at or below 1500/day (500 less, if you will note, than the 2000 every single 'Recommended Daily Value' nutritional label in this coun try is based on), I exercise daily for at least the recommended 30 min., and still, losing weight is a challenge for me. Some of it IS genetic, but come on people, yes, a lot of the fat people you see AREN'T taking care of themselves, but there are a lot of us who ARE, and I am disgusted and sick and tired of being assumed that I don't give even a little bit of thought to my health. And personally, even when I lose the weight (as I am trying to do), I'd rather be healthy and have maybe an extra few pounds than be a stick with my bones protruding as has been made so fashionable by the media and Hollywood.
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