Neatorama Update - SoftLayer Issue and Mystery Sale

Neatorama Server Issues
Late last night (two nights ago for our readers in the East Coast), our data center and hosting service SoftLayer was hit with a massive distributed denial-of-service attack. The attack was aimed at their DNS service, which caused many websites hosted at the company - including - to fail to resolve.

For those who don't know, DNS servers (or name servers) translate domain name (like into IP address of the website's server. Without it, your browser wouldn't "know" where to contact the website's server.

The DDoS attack caused browser errors for some, but not all of you who try to visit the blog. I had trouble visiting the blog all night yesterday from home (with Comcast cable Internet) and all day today at work (with AT&T DSL). Anyways, the issue was finally resolved late today afternoon.

Softlayer is one of the largest data centers in the world (with over 21,000 servers). It's DNS servers use anycasting, so I couldn't begin to imagine what kind of DDos would bring them down for so long.

Mystery Sale - Quickie Update
We've shipped out about 3/4 of all orders - if you haven't received yours
yet, please be patient! It's on its way! (Again, our thanks for participating in the latest Mystery Sale). We'll do another update after we've completed shipping all of the orders.

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Just received our items- I got a Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Celebriduck (great since I collect rubber duckies) and my boyfriend received a 'perpetual motion' top which is driving the cats nuts. I wish I'd gotten the Felix ducky (really loved the Pink panther ducky on the celebriducks site, and felix was also on my list), but, we're both happy with our items. :)
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I love the site but I have to agree about feeling ripped off. And it wasn't just $10. I've wasted $15 after S&H for a rubber duck I wouldn't even regift so am planning to toss in the garbage. Even if I had just gotten a t-shirt at least that's something I could *use.* I expected the high-end items would be a longshot, that's the fun of it being a mystery sale, but seriously? A cheap rubber duck?? This will be the first and last Mystery Sale for me, Neatorama.
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