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I'm in my late 40's and I like to watch some episodes of Ed Edd and Eddy. Parts of it remind me of my neighborhood growing up.
I have a coworker older than me that walked past me at work one day singing the Spongebob theme.
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A elephants foot pad is VERY thick. Handlers check them just like horse owners check their horse hoofs.
Rent a buldozer? Right, unlimited supply of equipment to aid them. Maybe you think the buldozers are being used elsewhere?
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Helgar I hope you are not calling me a troll.
I mean what I say and its my opinion.
I don't say things in a forum just to get someones blood a boiling,
I say what I truely feel.
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I vote for Bin Ladin.
WOW you walk that close and you don't hear any footfalls or leaves or twigs breaking?
I walk in the forrest around my home and I hear the tiniest noise, rabbits squirrels, chipmunks, ect.
Maybe he was looking for some beef jerky?
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Do these people realized how stupid they might look?
Pick up a common rock and "think" it has channels energy of some sort.
Like bending 2 coat hangers and think it can find whatever you want.
How come psychics never produce winning lottery numbers?
My aunt thought she waas psychic, until one day we came to visit and she said "what a surprise!"
Not a visionary.
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I live near there, I'm going to stand next to the Elmhurst city sign and video myself rolling my eyes.. then post it online.
First I need to make sure I am the only one in the vid because I believe that ( not sure but I don't want to take chances ) Illinois has laws against video taping IN PUBLIC !
(wire tapping)
This country is full off LAZY officials who don't want to be busy with specific laws and make laws so broad as to destroy the US Constitution!
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Isn't this "freedom of expression"?
Where is the ACLU?
why don't they instigate the sadition act?
This proves that politicians don't care to listen ( eye's or ears ) to the people.
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"Man … that paragraph makes me freaking sick to my stomach. So he pretty much just stole the gun then huh? I cannot wait untill this guy is out of office. He’s no better than a poacher, showing off is trophy. What a sneaky thief." quote
What is wrong with you? its just a gun! If the police take your illegal gun its theirs!
There is a BIG difference between a poacher and someone giving you a gun as a gift. Do you know what a poacher is? thats a poor analogy.
I am tired of the thought we will stop senseless killing if we get rid of guns. Well we will always have people killing other people,get ride of guns then get rid of knives, then poison ect..
The problem is stupid people who don't know the first thing about a gun or gun safety, keep it locked up keep it unloaded and up out of reach of kids. treat a unloaded gun as if it is always loaded.
By the way a unloaded gun on a wall collecting dust is one of the safest guns to have, far different than the killing of a rare animal. Get over it!!!!
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