City Officials to Outlaw Rolling One's Eyes

After vanquishing crime and other weighty city matters, the officials of Elmhurst, Illinois, turned their legislative might to quash another pesky thing: they want to outlaw rolling one's eyes.

Elmhurst officials are considering creating a "disturbance and disorderly conduct" violation after a resident accused of rolling her eyes and sighing was ejected from a public meeting. [...]

Ald. Stephen Hipskind said Darlene Heslop rolled her eyes and sighed while attending a June 14 committee meeting. Heslop, who was asked to leave the meeting, said she favors adding a definition of disorderly conduct to the municipal code.

Link - via Consumerist

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It's a slippery slope people. Sure it's only rolling eyes and sighing now but where does it end? Next people will be shaking their heads in disgust or putting their hands on the sides of their heads with an exasperated expression. This city council needs to nip it in the bud. Nip it and nip it now or there'll be anarchy in Elmhurst.
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I live near there, I'm going to stand next to the Elmhurst city sign and video myself rolling my eyes.. then post it online.
First I need to make sure I am the only one in the vid because I believe that ( not sure but I don't want to take chances ) Illinois has laws against video taping IN PUBLIC !
(wire tapping)
This country is full off LAZY officials who don't want to be busy with specific laws and make laws so broad as to destroy the US Constitution!
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Isn't this "freedom of expression"?
Where is the ACLU?
why don't they instigate the sadition act?
This proves that politicians don't care to listen ( eye's or ears ) to the people.
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