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Is your cat missing? Forget Ace Ventura, the Pet Detective - it's a job for the pet psychic because the clue to finding lost pets may just be in its past lives:

The reality of this group of mostly women (who prefer the term animal communicator since they speak directly to the animals and don't use any medium like tarot cards) is quite a bit more involved than finding animals stuck on a low rung of Buddhism's reincarnation cycle or feeling dinner's pain.

Most of Kohn's work, in fact, deals with the living. After chatting with hundreds of animals, she has performed a variety of services, including locating pets that have wandered off, getting a finicky iguana to eat and counseling a horse prone to anxiety attacks.

The animal doesn't even have to be present for Kohn to chat them up.

After "grounding" herself with a Kabbalistic prayer, getting her prayer stone (a quartz) and touching base with her animal spirit guides, she can be shown a photo or even just talk to the pet owner to make a connection.

Kohn then silently projects messages to the pet, all while taking notes on the words, pictures or feelings the pet sends back.


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A friend called a horse psychic to diagnose her horse's ailment. The psychic had her point the phone handset towards the horse (about 300' away) while she diagnosed it. Cost her about $90. Don't bother asking if it worked. P.T Barnum was right.
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Do these people realized how stupid they might look?
Pick up a common rock and "think" it has channels energy of some sort.
Like bending 2 coat hangers and think it can find whatever you want.
How come psychics never produce winning lottery numbers?
My aunt thought she waas psychic, until one day we came to visit and she said "what a surprise!"
Not a visionary.
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James Randi made an excellent point. Watch the "pet psychic" at work. She always asks the owner what the pet's name is. Why doesn't she ask the animal? If there's one thing a dog knows, it's his own name.

Isn't it convenient that you can't ask your pet if what the "psychic" says is true? They're frauds.
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