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Incandescent bulbs have been banned in the EU since Sept 2009 and I'm pretty sure they are ok. Society must advance technology in order to better itself and holding on to an old and inefficient technology isn't beneficial in the long-run. (Think government switching all television from analog to digital)

By forcing companies to focus on this newer technology, prices will fall and quality of the product will increase. If consumers demand better light quality, companies will compete to deliver such a product and capitalize on increased market share.

Its also safe to say that LED light bulbs will become the norm. They have had huge technological advances in the last few years making them brighter and more efficient. Plus no mercury!

It's not a matter of freedom to use incandescent, it's a matter of intelligent societal advancement.
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This wasn't actually planed by sony at all. The Miami health board was appaled at how dirty the local hippies had become so they scheduled this mas hippie bath. Sony just used the footage.
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sorry about 3 posts in a row but does anyone notice the google ads on the top of some of these pages, apparently I can buy a spider monkey through google
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