The Dangers of Being a TV News Reporter

Ah, the glamour of being a TV reporter ... imagine all the fun travel and adventure you'll have reporting live. Oh, not to mention the attacks, explosions and crazy animals you'll encounter ... "Put that on the news!"

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks chris!

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Thanks Thespian24601 for explaining. I was like WTH happened there. And thanks Pete Johnson for explaining that one too, I thought the plane's wing clipped him. I saw the stuff falling afterwards but thought it was debris from the wing. (That was kinda goofy letting yourself get flour bombed from a plane?!)

Anyway, this makes me not want to be an on-site reporter, w/o a weapon or back-up at least.
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yeh, some scary stuff indeed. The guy getting hit by the low flying plane looks like his neck was snapped!
Thanks Pete Johnson on your info. That one video bit is the strongest one for me.
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It started out and I thought that it was going to be hilarious. But that was some scary stuff! And Stephanie, it was an explosion from when the motorcycle's supposed to exit.
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"The Dangers of Being a TV News Reporter"

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