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Agree with everyone else. Not Abe, and the clothes give it away.

@S. Miller- I immediately thought of History Detectives too. Love that show!
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It's also nice to see that the majority of the comments on this article aren't people raging against spanking, (which is what I expected to see).
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My parents spanked the dickens out of both my brothers and I. In fact my dad had a paddle he made just for spanking us. Never once did I think that I was being abused, never once did the spankings strike any where besides our bottoms, and never once did I feel that the spankings were out of line.

We aren't aggressive adults, nor were we aggressive kids (besides typical sibling aggression). We also have a closer relationship with our parents than 99% if the people I know!
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Internationally: Aeroflot. Quite a few of the seats were broken or missing completely, they offered vodka to kids, people smoked on board (even though they "were not allowed to" and during a stop over in Magadan strange white powder was blasted out of the ceiling venting system.

Nationally: Alaskan. They are the only airline that flies in and out of my Alaskan town, and I get to see their "dark side" because I fly them so much. I really dislike them.
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There is a kid's show on PBS called "Word World" that does the same thing with everything in the world. I.e a duck is made up of the letters d-u-c-k, a house from the letters h-o-u-s-e, etc. Not such an original idea for the Japanese design firm...
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