Rush Hour in Utrecht

YouTube link.

Time lapse video from the fourth largest city in the Netherlands.
This is an ordinary Wednesday morning in April 2010 at around 8.30 am. Original time was 8 minutes that were compressed into 2 minutes, so everything is 4 times faster than in reality. The sound is original.

This is one of the busiest junctions in Utrecht a city with a population of 300,000. No less than 18,000 bicycles and 2,500 buses pass here every day. And yet Google Street View missed it. Because private motorized traffic is restricted here.

These cyclists cross a one way bus lane (also used by taxis and municipal vehicles), two light rail tracks and then a one way street that can be used by private vehicles.

Commentary at the link addresses the absence of helmets on the cyclists.

Via The High Definite.

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Hey SparkS---I am chasing you around the comments sections on a couple posts. I am a Clime relative that you mentioned in the A.G. Bell post.

Please email me at dcogswe1(at) or post here how to find you.
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@K!P "... i think driver awareness is WAY higer here. EVRYONE has biked a lot at one point."

I spent 4 years in Bermuda which has a huge amount of tourists. They can rent 50cc mopeds which are a lot of fun. The thing is they drive on the left side of the road. Needless to say that can easily present all sorts of problems for American/Canadian tourists. The Bermudians were terrific at watching out for them and helping them out. It was great to see the car drivers taking care of the unknowing tourists. The fact that tourism accounts for almost all of the islands income may have had something to do with it. But I think it was more the friendly way of the Bermudians. As shown by the people of the Netherlands and Bermuda cars and bikes/mopeds can easily coexist.
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Just about everybody in the Netherlands rides a bicycle. I am from there and most of my family still live there. Some of them don't even have cars. They ride to the public train station to get around if it's far. They also have car clubs. If you are a member you can drive one of the club cars when you need one. It's like a group of people buying a boat. You are a part owner in a pool of available cars when you need one. It's really a pretty good idea for urban areas.
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Interesting to note is that the blue/yellow bikes are rental bikes that are rented out by OVfiets (public transport bicycles). You can see them quite often, especially in Utrecht.
Also this crossing isn't even that crowded compared to for example Amsterdam, you should see the situation at the Central Station where there is a special bicycle parking boat behind the station and a multi storied parking garage just for bicycles in the front:
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