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I live in Ontario, Canada, and when I was in high school, it was 5 years (if you wanted to go to university). I was 19 when I graduated.. so 19 definitely wasn't too old for prom. My boyfriend at the time came with me.. he was 21. There was no problem. I don't think the school even asked who you were bringing. You just bought tickets and that was it I think.
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Seriously, I'm surprised that you're even asking this question on this site. I kind of assumed you guys were open-minded about that type of thing and that the readers were as well (and based on the majority of the comments so far, at least the latter seems to be true).

Of course painting his nails pink won't make him gay. If he's gay, he's gay. Doesn't matter if his parents try to make him into a "little man" or let him paint his nails pink. He's just as likely to not be gay.

My brother used to put on lipstick and kiss the bathroom mirror when he was about 7 or so. Guess what? He likes ladies.

On the other hand there are tons of boys who are raised in militant style families and are told that men are tough and don't cry etc etc, and they still turn out to be gay.

It's a ridiculous question to even ASK if that will make him gay. Nail polish doesn't change your sexual preferences.
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This is just awful! The cat could get really hurt by that. If anyone else has been on a trampoline with someone else and fallen, you'll know that it's not exactly pleasant to be jostled around like that. I can only imagine what it would be like for the cat who is way smaller than the kid and isn't able to hold itself up. Great parenting skills by not only videotaping it, but encouraging the kid to jump higher.
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I got 2 & 9 mixed up (which I thought must happen.. they're a little close), but got the rest right despite the fact that none of those were names of crayon colours when I was a kid.. it wasn't that hard.. the names were generally pretty descriptive based on what colours were there.
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I've always pronounced it with the T.. never really thought about it. But I've never noticed that other people don't.. maybe it's a Canadian thing to say the T.

@MattG - say bear. Okay, now say hear.. do they sound the same? Just because two words are spelled similarly doesn't mean they get pronounced the same!
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