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Wow- it almost makes me want to fork out another $50 to check a piece of luggage, get crammed into a 12 by 12 seat for an 11 hour journey in a metal tube full of protein and pay out the wazoo to do so.

So tell me, how many $2.50 cans of soda did they have to sell to pay for this commercial? I am sure it was worth every single bubble.
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I am very happy to see Barack Obama grab the nomination regardless of Hillary's "It is MINE!!!" attitude. Hillary is in it for herself, Obama is in it for his country.

I only hope he is smart enough to NOT have Hillary as his VP. Doing so would make him a dead man walking since NOBODY will keep Hillary away from HER presidency. Obama would have an "accident" like many others around the Clintons and Her Lying Smugness will have her throne.

Congratulations but don't do it Obama!
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My single contribution to science was my driving my Organic Chemistry instructor crazy with my creative use of chemical nomenclature and reaction series whenever I drew a blank on what it was I was supposed to know. (I assumed the "Baffle them with BS" policy). These included my submitting odes to my favorite functional group (alcohol!), drawing pictures of the adventures of "Ether Bunny and his girlfriend, Ester", numerous stupid puns ("The Chemistry hotel has a good nitrate") and creative reaction series such as my derivation of "ST-oic acid" that didn't react to anything. I even wrote a small opera on life as a chemistry major that I recently updated to have my main character communicate with is friends with his “sulfone.”

I would like to report that I got an “A” in Organic Chemistry- my second time through it.
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I am throwing it into a savings account since I know I am going ot have to give it back to the tax fattened bureaucrats in DC at some point. It isn't "free money" as many seem to think. The government has to TAKE the money before it can GIVE it to you. I just want to know where it came from before I spend it. My bet is on the $600 I have today will cost me $800 in taxes next year.
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For all you "sinners" above mocking the Catholic Church for their wealth-

Unlike you, the church NEEDS the wealth they have. When YOU are shelling out millions upon millions in pedophile suits and for snubbing the Jews in WWII Nazi Germany then YOU can say something about the churches wealth. Until then, pipe down.
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So, in the "Land of the Free" we are having, yet again, ANOTHER freedom infringed upon by an overbearing, overtaxing government that his hellbent on enslaving the people of America by taking away one freedom at a time. Keep in mind that in a death of one thousand cuts, no single cut is fatal. Likewise, in the death of freedom, no single infraction of our rights is thought of as being "fatal" either. Let the march to slavery continue onward.
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384,497 for me! I took the strategy to click as fast as possible, trading time for accuracy. It earned me a few reminders that we were dealing with planet earth but I got through level 10 at least.
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