Sea Orchestra

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This ad for United Airlines features lovely animated sea creatures performing Rhapsody in Blue. It was produced by the Barrie D'Rozario Murphy agency. Do yourself a favor and see the high-definition version here. -via Metafilter

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Wow- it almost makes me want to fork out another $50 to check a piece of luggage, get crammed into a 12 by 12 seat for an 11 hour journey in a metal tube full of protein and pay out the wazoo to do so.

So tell me, how many $2.50 cans of soda did they have to sell to pay for this commercial? I am sure it was worth every single bubble.
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"lovely creatures"? THey were kinda kreepy looking imo.

*shudders at the fish things with the spidery leg looking things comming out of their mouths*

very nicely done though.
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Nice piece. Never has so much creativity gone into selling such an awful product/experience. Nice to see someone's at least trying to pretend that flying doesn't totally blow these days.

As for the method used to create the spot, it looks like a combo of 3D and 2D images (though it could be all 2D) comped together and animated in a compositing program like Flame. It has the look of an elaborate 2D cutout animation, a la South Park, but simply using more detailed and refined images.
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