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Generally I don't pay much attention to high fashion, but I really like the outfit in the picture. It reminds me of a rough sketch or an architectural drawing.

Also, it doesn't need to be wearable if it's considered art rather than clothing, since most people agree that art doesn't need to be practical.
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It's probably worthwhile to mention that there is a difference between gender and sex: gender is a socially constructed concept, whereas sex is a physical reality. Having a vagina may mean that women are statistically less competent when it comes to solving problems involving spacial relations than their male counterparts, it does not mean that they have to be submissive, emotional, illogical, domestic, or have any other traits that society attributes to women.

So at this point it's probably self-evident that I support the idea behind this preschool and hope that it provides promising results.
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Quite often pictures like this of Native Americans were staged. I remember seeing some photos of an American resort in the 1800s were they gave a native man a spear and talked about him hunting, even though his tribe were a fishing people.
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That may be true of people with mild allergies, Shywarrior, but for people with severe cat allergies a good vacuuming wouldn't be good enough. My mom, who is extremely allergic to cats, was given a sweater by a friend who owned one. She washed it twice, tried to wear it, and almost had to go to the hospital because it induced an extreme asthma attack. She would (and note that I'm using hyperbole to bolster my point) die if she went into that Ikea store that day.
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I wouldn't mind if ladies' nights were abolished, but in return women should be able to get men's haircuts and (as it is probably obligatory to mention) equal pay for the same work.
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I find the title of this article odd because it presupposes that those reading it previously thought that everyone but westerners were weird. I would never claim that western culture is "normal" culture, nor would I claim that South America is not in the western hemisphere.
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"We are more visual, more driven to sexual pursuit and more predisposed to cheat than women, she writes."
-Is she a he? I am confused...

No, but the person who posted this (Alex) is, presumably, a man.
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I thought "duh" when I read the title of the article. Even when my family was at poverty level, my mom still gave to several charities. Also, for a few summers as a kid I went door to door raising money for a local clean-up project and people in large, expensive houses rarely gave as much as the people in more modest homes.
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