Geek Girl Bill of Rights and Commandments

While some internet groups ignore their very existence, Forces of Geek addresses the growing visibility (if not growing numbers) of geek girls. We have always been here, and it's nice to be included, or even noticed. FOG has posted a list of Geek Girl Commandments, loosely styled after the Biblical Ten Commandments. That is followed by the Geek Girl Bill of Rights, which says (in part):
I have the right to be taken seriously for my interests and not be accused of getting into video gaming, comic books, science, or other traditionally male-dominated geek interests to impress a guy.

I have the right to enjoy non-geeky things without losing geek cred.

I have the right to send angry emails to retailers that only offer geeky shirts in men’s styles and sizes.

I have the right to bare arms, abs, and legs. I can dress as any superhero I want to without being touched, harassed, or being accused of inviting sexual advances. I also understand that dressing provocatively will draw attention, and I will deal with unwanted but harmless attention with class and dignity.

Oh yes, there's more, which you can read at the post. Link

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"The important thing is not to know who "I" is or what "I" is. You'll never succeed. There are no words for it.

The important thing is to drop the labels.

What do I mean by labels? Every label you can conceive of except perhaps that of human being. I am a human being. Fair enough; doesn't say very much. But when you say, "I am successful," that's crazy. Success is not part of the "I". Success is something that comes and goes; it could be here today and gone tomorrow. That's not "I". When you said, "I was a success," you were in error; you were plunged into darkness. You identified yourself with success. The same thing when you said, "I am a failure, a lawyer, a businessman." You know what's going to happen to you if you identify yourself with these things. You're going to cling to them, you're going to be worried that they may fall apart, and that's where your suffering comes in." - Anthony de Mello, Psychotherapist and Jesuit Priest
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Awwww, is the whittle geek girls not getting the attention they think they deserve?

Actions, not whining or stupid little diatribes is what earns respect.

Whining just proves you can't run with the boys.
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