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So this drunken slob who doesn't have the sense to know that his toe is infected and probably gangrenous passes out and his dog eats the dead meat..and now both are celebrities. Is America a great place or what?
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Just for fun I entered Israel in the search engine. I'm very impressed. Looks to me like the master cartographers over at Wolfram have decided to resolve the mideast conflict by removing the disputed territories from Israel. Is that the job of a search engine-to make political statements?
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Justin--Great insight into the Middle East. It is a shame that a repressive regime such as Israel developed this weapon. Much better if some of those more progressive regimes such as Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Lybia had developed it. Those pesky Israelis! Imagine, trying to find a less lethal or injurious way of controlling unruly mobs! Let's get the UN involved, shall we? I think the security council should take this one up. Maybe we can get the World Court involved too!

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Visited this about 15 years ago on a tour of Istanbul. Had never heard of it until the day our guide took us down the stairs and into the gloom. As we walked through, it looked vaguely familiar and suddenly it dawned on me that I had seen it before in From Russia with Love. Of course I was there with my wife, not Tatiana Romanova, and our guide did not look like Ali Kerem Bey, but I had a good time just the same.

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Hey Doc,
I salute you. I have been trying for years to figure out how to put the words braying, perfidy and yammer together in one short and coherent paragraph, but you pulled it off with great aplomb.

BTW, I didn't mention Arab perfidy-only intransigence. As for my "uber-patriotic" "braying" about the heroic work of the IDF, perhaps you are familiar with the expression "Ein Breira" If not, you should be.

I don't mind debate. I just don't think there's much of a chance of resolving the problems of the Middle East in this comments section.

The reason I responded to Fish's caution -that some might take umbrage at the inclusion of an IDF dreidel- is, however, something I'm willing to discuss. Fish's need (again I'm assuming he is Jewish because he talks of his menorah) to add a disclaimer to his comments -that some might find this an "openly aggressive statement" is emblematic of the overly sensitive, PC attitude that pervades our culture. We're not permitted to express our opinions without an apology or a precondition, lest someone's feelings be hurt (God forbid!) It was particularly galling for me to sense Fish's instinctive and reflexive need to (hopefully) preempt any criticism leveled at the inclusion of this article by demonstrating his empathy with the plight of those who take issue with the IDF. Believe me, Fish, we all know and appreciate that there are those who don't like Israel and the IDF, but you are a good person for feeling their pain.

Ready for the flames as ever,

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Well, Fish..I'm "Just Sayin'" that I am proud of the men and women who stand between the people of Israel and many of its neighbors who after 60 years still won't recognize the right of a Jewish State to exist. I'm assuming you are Jewish since you possessed a menorah. Shame on you for worrying that acknowledging support for the IDF is an "aggressive statment." Would you prefer that the IDF be weaker or perceived as such? If it were, then you'd see some aggression--believe me.

BTW, I'm not writing this to start a debate about the Middle East here. What I objected to was Fish's worry that someone might be offended by a dreidel cover. Let them be offended. I'm offended by people wanting to execute a school teacher over a teddy bear.
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Yes..the truth, unfortunately. I suppose, in a sense, they were no worse off than before they found their way to the hospital, but it does sound callous particularly by today's standards, doesn't it? Realize that the homeless had less status and fewer people looking out for them 40 or so years ago-and there weren't investigative reporters looking for heart rending stories, and video cams didn't exist to catch hospitals dumping patients. Think about it, however, from the doc's point of view. You're working in a "charity" type hospital full of medically indigent people and nowhere to put them once they are ready to be discharged. The ER is filled with sick people waiting for beds and the social workers are "off" for the weekend. There are few if any shelters available. The solution was to "park bench" them. BTW, there is also the well known phenomenon of the "Pop Drop". That is, when the kids want to go away for a few days and dump Mom or Dad (or both) in the Emergency Room then disappear.
Saw that many times when I was training.
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Nothing new. When I was a resident in the late 1970's
the senior physicians told us of how they used to "park bench" skid row type patients when their hospital stay was over. They would all chip in for a cab and drop the person off in a park on a bench with a bottle of wine.
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