Israeli Defense Force Dreidels

Hanukah/Chanukah/Hanukkah is a holiday about a Jewish military victory, so what better way to celebrate than using Israeli Defense Force Dreidels. Via Standing on the Wall.

I've also posted a round up of fun Hanukah links here, including strange menorahs, Hanukah super hero costumes, and other oddities.

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Hey Doc,
I salute you. I have been trying for years to figure out how to put the words braying, perfidy and yammer together in one short and coherent paragraph, but you pulled it off with great aplomb.

BTW, I didn't mention Arab perfidy-only intransigence. As for my "uber-patriotic" "braying" about the heroic work of the IDF, perhaps you are familiar with the expression "Ein Breira" If not, you should be.

I don't mind debate. I just don't think there's much of a chance of resolving the problems of the Middle East in this comments section.

The reason I responded to Fish's caution -that some might take umbrage at the inclusion of an IDF dreidel- is, however, something I'm willing to discuss. Fish's need (again I'm assuming he is Jewish because he talks of his menorah) to add a disclaimer to his comments -that some might find this an "openly aggressive statement" is emblematic of the overly sensitive, PC attitude that pervades our culture. We're not permitted to express our opinions without an apology or a precondition, lest someone's feelings be hurt (God forbid!) It was particularly galling for me to sense Fish's instinctive and reflexive need to (hopefully) preempt any criticism leveled at the inclusion of this article by demonstrating his empathy with the plight of those who take issue with the IDF. Believe me, Fish, we all know and appreciate that there are those who don't like Israel and the IDF, but you are a good person for feeling their pain.

Ready for the flames as ever,

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I’m not writing this to start a debate about the Middle East here.

No, you'd rather just get in some uber-patriotic braying and skip the debate, I'm sure. But I don't suppose it's occurred to you that people like yourself are precisely the reason for Fish's caution. Not everyone wants to be taken for the sort who yammers about Arab perfidy and the brave work of the IDF at the drop of a hat.
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I think they would look better if they didn't add the little cartoon people in each picture. It makes them look a cheezy, like something you'd see in the 1970s.
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