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I showed some animal activist friends of mine the link #11 posted, and this one too: - It was enough to convince them never to support PETA again.
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I showed some of my animal activist the link #11 posted and this one, too:

It was enough to convince them never to support PETA again.
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I've managed to tune out a lot of quickie infomercials that tend to show up on cable channels, but a new one one made do a big "WTF?!"

The Tiddy Bear.

The name -cannot- be a mistake. I'm convinced it was intentional just so they could find a way to sneak a word sounding like "titty" into a commercial/product.

They're basically reject looking Beanie Babies with a velcro strap put into their backs... so they can be strapped onto a seat belt right over women's... titties... to cushion the straps.

Every hilariously bad infomercial cliche is jam packed into a 1 minute commercial. "Act now! And we'll send you TWO! for the price of ONE!", bad acting showing a man or a woman getting "strangled" by the seat belt until they put a Titty Bear on... Children acting miracously overjoyed that they have one handed to them... you name it.
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"I wonder how all these magnetic fields are gonna effect the humans that are near them."

Not by much, if any at all. People are exposed to MRI machines and MagLev rail systems constantly without adverse reactions.
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How's this?

Argument #10: Spanking leads a parent to use harmful forms of corporal punishment which lead to physical child abuse.

Counterpoint: The abuse potential when loving parents use appropriate disciplinary spanking is very low. Since parents have a natural affection for their children, they are more prone to underutilize spanking than to overutilize it. Both empirical data and professional opinion oppose the concept of a causal relationship between spanking and child abuse.

Surveys indicate that 70 to 90 percent of parents of preschoolers use spanking,[22] yet the incidence of physical child abuse in America is only about 5 percent. Statistically, the two practices are far apart. Furthermore, over the past decade reports of child abuse have steadily risen while approval for parental spanking has steadily declined.[23]

More than 70 percent of primary care pediatricians reject the idea that spanking sets the stage for parents to engage in forms of physical abuse.[24]
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Re: #9... You talk about swaddling has no basis on science but fail to provide any information to back up your claims. Do you have records on hand that show that all children who were never swaddled grew up to be more well adjusted than others who were? Please.

Your own kids are not even remotely a significant enough of a sampling pool. Anecdotal remarks are even less reliable than an insignificantly small and selective sampling pool.

You can start by checking out the related videos on youtube. An especially good one #4 linked. Other methods of calming all tend to revolve around the same four tactics: Close holding, movement restriction, rocking motions and white noise. There isn't much difference between a swaddle wrap and a mother holding the baby close to her chest... except that that pesky other arm could easily fly up and they'd end up smacking themselves in the head.

Really, VonSkippy, your comments remind me too much of the kind of remarks that I hear from parents who say "Spanking is abuse" when their kids end up being the ones who deserve spankings the most.
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There's another issue to consider:

Twice in the video, the car was still moving (even if in the process of slowing down) when the doors were opening or closing. Doesn't sound like smart engineering to me.
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Sand fuse/jacob's ladder style device that arcs electricity and will fuse the sand into glass (breaking the connection inside the glass vial within the sand) when too much current is reached.
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Older version of our modern day equivalent of a candle lighter. Protruding area can be lit to provide reach into gaslight lamps and provide ease through not having to strike many matches to light several lamps around the house.
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Bees are dying because of a fungus, part of a normal ebb and flow of the crops. Not cell phones. Europe has the highest concentration of cellphone usage in the world and their bees are not dying off like ours are.

Also, honeybees only make up for -one third- of pollination in the united states. We're not going to be in much trouble if every honeybee were to die off tomorrow.
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Most extremely close up shots are actually taken from a flyover plane rather than satellite. It would be in cases where you see city buildings that this becomes evident... in order to preserve the scale and accuracy in the photographs, street wise, you get strange effects with buildings leaning at different angles, often towards each other.
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Used to live in Philadelphia and have visited Centralia. It's mostly dead but there are still residents there. There was even a direct road through the now completely burned-out areas, but that's been blocked off and the road itself fell into disrepair due to not being maintained for a long time. The entire area definitely felt warmer and you could find hot pockets of escaping steam in quite a few locations. One of the spots we investigated was seared white from the heat and you could see the direction the underground fire was going towards. Large boulders slowly crack and fragment into smaller rocks due to the intense heat escaping from below... tree branches and trunks that have died littered the area, and like I said before, EVERYTHING is white. Bleached white. If you happened to find a branch near an escape vent for the steam/heat, you'd notice that the bark was copperised. Steam carried up metals (in this case, copper) from below that deposited onto the branches. Gives you an idea of how hot the underground fire has burned. I even took the time to stand up on a pile of rocks to piss onto one of the escape vents. My urine was evaporating just before it could splatter onto the rocks. My shoes partially melted (even though I was on a "cooler" spot of the pile) because I had stood there long enough before I was finished.
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