What is It? Game 48

This week's collaboration with What is it? Blog brings us this strange contraption: can you guess what it is? (No, it's not a tweezer for an extra large nose).

Place your guess in the comment section - no prize this week, so you're playing for fun and bragging rights. Please post no URL (let others play). For more clues, check out What is It? Blog.

Have fun!

Update 12/13/07 - the answer is:
all's Mineral Rod, supposedly used as a dowsing rod for finding ore, the type that you're looking for is placed in the container. Unfortunately it doesn't work for everyone, "owing to lack of magnetism in the operator"

Nbob #1 got the divining rod part right, but technically, it wasn't for water.

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Its a laying tool used in loom weaving. It is meant to operate like a long tweezers, one uses it to reverse thread/pull an end piece. Often used in blanket and rug weaving. The opposite side is used not unlike an awl.
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It's a fuse that needs to be placed in a difficult-to-reach location in an electronic device. The "tweezers" are to help with the fuse's placement.
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I think that the smaller object is a wood and metal slide whistle (possibly from the Baroque period) and the large tweezer like object is a primitive tuning fork, possibly in the key of B sharp(tuning to a whole note higher than ours, naturally). I believe J.S.Bach used one in his Brandenburg concerto no. 7.
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