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"To implement his use as a measuring unit, Oliver Smoot repeatedly lay down on the bridge, let his companions mark his new position in chalk or paint, and then got up again. Eventually, he tired from all this exercise and was carried thereafter by the fraternity brothers to each new position"
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Wonder how long the root canal will last. I've never heard of one lasting over a year in a human before the tooth became a problem and had to be dealt with again, usually by extraction.
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O.K. if they said it was a choke tube, I MIGHT consider it looks something kind of like one. This looks nothing at all like a shot shell, not even the antique brass shells. I'd doubt whoever designed this has even seen a shot shell in person.
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@ Maddy
Did you open the cans first? They apparently did to get the stick, syrup and lime in. I'd guess that you were putting sealed cans in. I also suspect they've dumped some of the beer out before starting, leaving room for expansion.
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While they might be "pretty", it's a shame the artist never bothered to learn enough about his subject to tighten a chain. Don't even try to start the Fendi, the chain will fall right off.
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If the guy can bring in that kind of business, I'd think it would be in the property owner's best interest to drop the charges in return for the already earned profits and obtain the proper paperwork to continue business. Maybe a marketing deal with the guy after he gets out of jail for selling without a license.
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It might provide shade, but solar panels kick off tons of heat. They are only 10-30% efficient and guess where the other 70-90% of the energy goes.
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The article plays pretty fast and loose with it's definition of "hacker". At the risk of splitting hairs, Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park wasn't a hacker, he was an employee of InGen and therefore a rouge admin. A hacker does not have privileged access to the system he's attacking, he creates the access by escalation.

Jack Stanfield of firewall is at the most an ethical hacker (penetration tester). He's the network security engineer in charge of protecting the bank's assets, he's doing his job. He does pretty much what any admin in his position would do, though it has been dramatized to make it movie-worthy.

Real hacking is hours and hours of typing, reading, studying, diagramming, etc. the most boring thing on earth to watch. People doing their jobs are not hackers. I work in IT, but I'm not a hacker, I've been allowed to or granted myself access to the systems I manage. A hacker breaks in. The same as you have a key to your house and a burglar busts a window.

@MrMichael and dbios: you're both right. Phreaking and Hacking are the same and different depending on who you consider the expert on the subject. Steve Wozniak (later of Apple fame) is generally regarded as the person who brought them both together by being both a computer hobbyist and a blue-boxer.
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...on another note, .999 repeating APPROACHES the value of 1 but it can NEVER BE 1. a little of the limit theorem from calculus would keep you puzzling over this for months.
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zkeletenz is correct. The repeating decimal values are called approximations. Therefore it IS true that 1/3 is approximately .333.... and 2/3 is approximately .666.... and 1 is approximately .999.... the proper sign to use looks like two stacked tildes, or a wavy equal sign.
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We have some strange ones near my area: Booger Hollow Arkansas and Cyclone, Hornet, and Noel (The Christmas City, but pronounced so that it rhymes with Lowell) Missouri.
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