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The bottles appear to be the same size, so they could have made a smaller bottle and charged less for it, while using less material. They could have filled the bottle full and saved on shipping empty bottle space. Either way, it would have probably saved them what "50% more" has made them in extra sales.
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While the guys with the bills may have been total morons, I don't see how a crime was committed. The article says that they went to the bank with the intention of finding out how much the bills were worth and having that amount deposited. It's not like they demanded a million dollars per bill be deposited. The bank should have kept the bills it had, deposited nothing,and contacted the police. The police should have questioned the people trying to cash in the bills and determined their intent. They clearly had no idea of the value as they asked for the bank to determine value. As long as they immediately said "This Christian guy gave us these, he's trying to rip us off!" there's no proof of intent to defraud a financial institution. Now if they wrote a deposit slip with a value on it, that would have been a different story.
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I use scroll lock every day. Maybe it's because I'm a network admin and use multiple computers constantly, but scroll lock is what KVMs use to switch between computers. I use it more than the customizable buttons(at the top of most newer keyboards),print/screen, and pause/break put together.
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I used to think the Alex Jones types were just a bunch of kooks, but the more of this "secret treaty" stuff I see, the more I think they are the true newscasters.
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"...identify themselves to the High Court via a web link form"

So if I'm being served, what makes me believe that this is the real thing and not a phishing scam? Sounds like a fair defense to me: "I had reasonable belief that the court order was a spam/phishing scam, I would have responded otherwise. Therefore I was not duly served".
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The gun that shoots around corners is making a comeback. The Israelis have a rifle that breaks in the middle (really a pistol on a stock) with an attached mirror and laser site for the same purpose. Also the U.S. is developing a scope with remote eyepiece that allows a soldier to hold their weapon over a wall or around a corner for observation.
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Who taught the author statistics? 8 of 68 worked at Goldman/Sachs--So what. I'll bet 90% ate grilled cheese as a kid. Seems just as plausible that dairy is the source of their success.
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