Beer Popsicle

New York restaurant Diablo Royale Este serves a dessert called The Hopsicle Experience. It's a frozen can of beer on a stick!
Now, the thing about the hopsicle is that it looks like your standard can of Tecate: Red. Cylindrical. Icy cold. Except the barman-witchdoctors at Diablo have taken the “icy” bit quite literally, injecting the beer with simple syrup and lime juice, jamming a wooden stick into the hole of the can and then putting it in the freezer. For four days.

The result is a genuine beer popsicle, which the bartender must saw in half with a serrated steak knife (or samurai sword) to open. Then it’s up to you to push the wooden stick upward to dispense the hopsicle in true Push Pop style, and decide if you want your savory sweet frozen joyride bathed in tequila as well (note: you want this).

Could you recreate this at home? Be sure whoever is wielding the sword is completely sober! Link -via Rue the Day

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@ Maddy
Did you open the cans first? They apparently did to get the stick, syrup and lime in. I'd guess that you were putting sealed cans in. I also suspect they've dumped some of the beer out before starting, leaving room for expansion.
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Ok, here's where I'm miffed. I've put cans of beer in the freezer in order to cool them off, and they exploded. My freezer was literally COATED in frozen froth. How do they get them frozen without this happening? Caution to anyone who tries this, it might turn out messy.
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Yeah, that serrated edge thing kind of says lawsuit.
beer with simple syrup and lime juice added is no longer beer in my book. It is a cocktail.
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