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However, this is only true in Los Angeles. If you live elsewhere, you have to pay your fine or risk legal enforcement and/or collection agency fees.
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I really love the dollar coins, but you can't use them in vending machines at all ... which, honestly, is where I generally use coins. I also use them at the used book store. If you go to the train station and use a machine for a ticket, it gives you back dollar coins in change, so sometimes we end up with a lot of them.

I wish vending machines would use them more.
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Don't most countries have water supply issues right now? It seems that this might not be the perfect answer to the electric or gas powered engines. Sea water is probably not the kind of water they're using, b/c of the salt content and it's corrosive effects ... but, being Japan, I suppose they could use desalination plants to get fresh water. Elsewhere, though ... like California or Africa or parts of India ... probably not a good option.
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Yup. Potlucks. That was exactly my first thought. Church ladies make the most awesome, most fattening, most fried, most covered in everything tastey kind of food imaginable. I miss church potlucks ...
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I think maybe (and I could be wrong) that this is being run backward and they're unwinding things (from the kinkiness of the yarn) ... because, otherwise, this would take forever to make. Really cool!
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My high school keyboarding instructor (she was a vintage 1950's instructor in the 90's) taught us all to use 2 spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. It was in the text book, too, as I recall. I just do it automatically now.
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