$1 Billion That Nobody Wants

The U.S. Mint is manufacturing, and will continue to manufacture, one dollar coins that just pile up in the Federal Reserve because no one wants to use them. They've already stockpiled over a billion dollars in coins, and may reach two billion!
In 2005, Congress decided that a new series of dollar coins should be minted to engage the public. These coins would bear the likeness of every former president, starting with George Washington. There would be a new one every quarter. So, far, the Mint has produced coins through the 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant.

Members of Congress reasoned that a coin series that changed frequently and had educational appeal would make dollar coins more popular. The idea came from the successful program that put each of the 50 states on the backs of quarters.

The reserve also has plenty of Susan B Anthony and Sacagawea dollar coins. If the public does not want to use dollar coins, why are they being made? The answer is a bit complicated, and is explained in this article at NPR. http://www.npr.org/2011/06/28/137394348/-1-billion-that-nobody-wants?sc=fb&cc=fp -via Breakfast Links

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Oh as for "just stop making dollar bills" I say " just stop making dollar coins!"
Look at all of the money saved if we had not of started this mess.
and this is a proven fact right in front of your eyes.
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I love the how the person in the article states if people would use them they would love them. Yea I like the I know whats best for people attitude.
We have dollar coins and dollar bills its a choice and the people have spoken!
I like dollar coins, BIG silver ones. They feel like they are worth something but I know bigger size means more cost.
My problem with these new coins is the relief is very poor. Badly designed. It looks and feels like a game token from Chuckie Cheeses. Even the newer nickles look "flat" if the coins had a greater artistry and relief I might use them more.
Another problem, ever been a cashier? I can count a stack of singles a LOT faster than a bunch of coins.
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Why don't we want to fill our pockets and purses with metal coins? Duh, maybe because metal is HEAVY? I just cleaned out approximately $10 in coins, mostly quarters, from my purse because it was giving me a shoulder ache. And have you tried paying for anything using just coins lately? You can feel the impatience of the store clerk and the hostility of the patrons waiting in line behind you. I used to get and use dollar coins from the post office stamp machine, but they replaced it with a machine that only takes debit cards, so I haven't seen a dollar coin in years.
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Cash is easier to carry for me since it is lighter and I don't have to dig in the depths of my bag for my coin purse.

Have no problem using them though. On the street where I work we have those newer parking meters that take credit cards, quarters, and dollar coins. I just save my dollar coins for those.
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