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Overall, the TSA has been doing slightly less to make travelers' lives more difficult for no apparent or measurable security increase. FTFY. In a famous test at one stage homeland security had their members try to smuggle guns and bombs onto planes 70 times. And the TSA failed to find them in all but 3 cases. It's "security theatre", and not even good at that
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Or just "signage" which is itself plural and refers to the collective of signs in a particular display, business or usage.You are correct that signages isn't a proper word
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An old hack but worth reading into more.Google "wokfi" (using woks and chinese slotted spoons and such) and And "cantenna" (using a tin can or pringles like tin) :) You can get wifi as much as kilometres away if you do well
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There was a New Scientist piece years ago on evidence that right wing govt's cause more suicides.The right wing probably feels better off without those that lose hope from their mercenary methods though
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