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"How many people do you think there are in that photograph?"Bad headline!That's not what they were asked/answered. It was hinted at by "look at that crowd", but it's a misrepresentation that they were asked how many were in it. And the question they were asked relied upon assumptions of things that were not in the picture.
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Audio recording via cup or by the vibration sensor attached to the cup? It's the vibration sensor that makes it a microphone. Admittedly the enclosure makes it a better one - but it's still dependent upon the vibration sensor in a very fundamental way. There are much better "hacks" around. You can make a speaker out of a coin for example.
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Anamorphic illusion logic:"it'll look really cool from one angle and distance providing people only have one eye"What about the rest of the angles and distances and number of eyes?"...."
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There are theories that the gravitational anomalies that suggest "planet nine" could be explained by a roughly 5cm wide black hole. Mind you there is another current one saying it could be "a large number" of asteroids and such adding up to the effect of a small planet. Curiously that one was developed by a researcher using techniques she uses to calculate the influence of things being gobbled by a black hole on each other. So it's all about black holes really.
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"What those metal things with steps are called"Attorneys will argue about anything, but with only a little more information provided there isn't much to argue about. Stairs and ladders covers most of them (sticking to English). I've yet to come across anybody willing to argue either is really a patio.
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It's rather more likely that they will be owned by a small percentage - much like currently and also much like currently causing escalating inequality.
Automation could free humanity from labour to pursue creative pursuits. Or it could enslave the majority of us with no way to change our circumstances. How governments regulate automation could define our species.
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