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Crypto stuff that uses POW (proof of work) is notoriously expensive in terms of energy usage and thus extraordinarily bad for the environment, which needs to be a considered aspect of its usage (easy to confirm via googling).
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"when researchers tried to throw replicas, they didn’t go far" It's always so amusing to me when they try this, it's kind of the "Mythbusters" approach to research. Ten minutes in the hands of a probably inappropriately skilled modern human couldn't replicate what someone would have spent their life honing as a skill therefore busteeeeddd.
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Don't many police department labs have immense backlogs of dna tests to do? So much so that they skip bothering with dna on numerous things as it'll take too long? While this may be a good advertisement for dna testing and pr, isn't it taking already strapped time and money away from current investigations?
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It's apparently quite common (ps4 for example) that games have multiple copies of the same file/data, as having it alongside other data on a hard drive makes it quicker to load. This means you can have dozens or more copies of the same texture (for eg) if it is used in multiple areas, but having to read it from a different location might mean a loading screen instead of a seamless transition. etc.
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